Why Use a Shaving Brush?

I’ve been using shaving creams and soaps for a while, but since I didn’t find shaving brushes in my area I was confined to just using my fingertips.  Now, there is no problem with this, but I always thought –there must be a reason people are still using brushes! So I decided to give them a try in the past few weeks.

There are different types of shaving brushes in the market, and you can usually find them on different qualities that from lowest to highest go like this: Pure badger, Best badger, Super badger, Silvertip Badger. The highest ones can be pretty expensive, but you can find great alternatives in all of these options.

So, why use a shaving brush? Here is what I think now that I’m in the middle of a shaving technique change in my life:

–    You can use a lot of quality products (soaps and creams) that have been made to use with a brush.
–    A brush helps exfoliating your skin, freeing it of dead cells and leaving you with a smooth surface.
–    With the brush I noticed that the stubble is lifted up, so the razor is able to cut the beard easier.

Finally, using a brush feels really good, and if you enjoy shaving like I do, this is a great plus!

So, in conclusion to this short post, I really enjoy using a brush and I guess that I will change the way I shave for years to come.  Right now I am using the SimplyBeautiful 100% Pure Badger Brush with Chrome Handle, but I’m eager to try other brands with finer quality.  I’ll let you know about my experiments once I get my hands on them.

If you are also looking for a good alternative, here is a selection of the best shaving brushes currently on the market.

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